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Your first day at am Language Studio!
Chris Knights / June 21, 2016

Your first day at am Language Studio!
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At am language studio we take pride in welcoming our new students into our community.

AM language_0471

On your first day, after preparing yourself to enter the education world once again, you will be welcomed by am Language Studio representatives and taken to the welcome meeting.

Here you will get information related to:

  • the school and location of all the offices and classrooms


  • the persons you need to know to help you during your stay


  • the leisure schedule
  • your timetable and tuition schedule and other related information

After this quick rush of information, you are taken upstairs to our terrace. Here you can relax before going to your assigned classroom.

Our social coodinators will encourage you to take a photo to commemorate your first day at school.

After being taken to class, you are introduced to your teacher and fellow students. These are the people you will be learning, laughing and generally spending a lot of time with. They will be the people that will understand you the most when it comes to your learning accomplishments and frustrations.

AM language_0053

After lessons, lunch can be eaten on our roof terrace, where fresh food is prepared daily. This is a great opportunity to meet and socialise with students from all over the world and of different levels.

In the afternoon, you may either have lessons, free time or take part in any one of our leisure activities. In the evening, all students are invited to join in or an orientation walk. You will be shown shops, restaurants, bus stops and other important places of interest.



After this short walk, you are taken to one of our popular local bars for a drink and a chat, where you can ask all your questions to our cheerful and energetic group leaders.

Finally, if you’re not too tired and would like to unwind, join in on the welcome party. It’s a chance to relax and talk to other students. Practice your English and enjoy the end of your first day…

…with us

…at am Language Studio


Have a good week