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Xmas in Malta!!
MAria Aviles / December 7, 2017

Xmas in Malta!!
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The Xmas season is well under way here in Malta! Come along and join the Merry festivities, the Christmas Carols and the wonderful glowing lights around towns in Malta and Gozo.  People are literally throwing themselves at the shops between the sales and to avoid the much dreaded last minute shopping.

Xmas is a long lasting tradition in Malta which can be evidenced by the Catholic background of our island nation. Some traditions that standout are the Midnight Mass which often features a child, boy or girl, who gives a sermon to the people in place of the priest. The Christmas Day meal is another staple of Maltese culture as the whole family gathers round the table and feasts for several hours.In many villages little markets, bake sales and charity events will be sprouting up every single day as the festive mood gradually takes over! To mention a few, The Elves Christmas Factory in Dingli, Designer and Artisan Market in Sliema, and one of the most notable events Natalis Nobilis 2017 – Malta’s Christmas Village.  All of these markets and festivities allow us to escape, appreciate various talents and taste the best and most delicious food of the year!

All over the island one of the biggest hobbies is building Nativity Scenes. In Maltese : ‘il-Prespju tal – Milied’. Over the years the Maltese have inherited this tradition and some truly take it to a whole new level. Such as this mechanical crib in Zejtun.

These masterpieces are normally available to visit in garages in every village on the Island. So if you see one give yourself a treat and enjoy the artistry and craft that goes into these year long projects!

Above all I would really suggest going over to Gozo this Christmas period. Just 10 minutes walk from the ferry you will find a reenactment of Betlehem at the time of Jesus. Traditional food, artisans and animals are all out on show. For a moment it feels like one has walked back in time!

Here is a link to their website to check open days!!