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Where to go and What to do?
Chris Knights / May 17, 2016

Where to go and What to do?
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A small peek into what our students like doing while in Malta and what am has to offer apart from our fantastic courses

This week I came across our activity programme. I must admit that it may not be an area I would normally really look into since students keep us all quite busy thinking about courses, tuition and tests, but taking a moment to have a look at what students are up to after their courses here was really interesting and to be honest, made me want to join on on the fun too
After talking to some students, looking at testimonials left by past students and also talking to the staff that run the programme, I have come up with a short list that we consider to be our most popular.

1. Welcome Mondays
Mondays are all about meeting new students and welcoming them to Malta and to the school. New students are invited to the Sliema City Walk, where our leaders take you around showing you all the important places of interest in Sliema. This information is vital for you to start getting aquainted with your surroundings. After the walk, there’s the Meet and Greet and Welcome Party, where new students have the opportunity to meet existing students and socialise. This is the highlight for many as part of the experience coming to a new country and joining a school is definitely the people you meet when there.

welcome party

2. Weekly themed nights
Food, Drinks, Music and More… or weekly themed nights are a highlight for many. From Mexican nights, to American style BBQ and White Nights, you have the opportunity to enjoy a fun night on our wonderful school terrace while interacting with other students. A must see is definitely our leisure team dancing away to the Polka at our Italian Night, or even to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” during our Halloween party, but regardless or the theme, the atmosphere is always one of friendliness and fun.

white night

3. Sun, Sand, Sea…and Temples
Visit Malta’s sister islands, Gozo and Comino, with our group leaders. The islands boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the Maltese archipelago. Gozo is tiny but rich in culture, history and an amazing coastline- it is well- known for some of the best scuba diving spots in the Mediterranean. Comino is practically uninhabited and unspoilt. Considered to be the jewel of our beaches, The Blue Lagoon in Comino is a must- see for many visiting Malta when the weather is calm. Crystal clear waters perfect for relaxing or snorkelling, The Blue Lagoon is a favourite with locals and foreigners alike. Remember… sunblock cream is a must!

blue lagoon

Come join us and meet people from all over the world!!

Have a good week