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Valentine’s Day
MAria Aviles / February 12, 2019

Valentine’s Day
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Valentine’s Day is an occasion for couples to share their love for one another. It is common for people to exchange gifts along with a card. Below is a list of do’s and don’ts for this special day!

What to do

Buy a thoughtful gift

Buying a thoughtful gift tells the person that you care about them and that your love for them is serious. As for the gift itself, it ought to be appropriate if you go over the top, you could embarrass your loved one.

Instead of going out for dinner, why not do something fun and a bit different?

It is normal practice to go out for a fancy dinner on Valentine’s Day. But before going down this traditional option consider something different. Below are some fun alternatives:

Escape Room – you and your partner have to find your way out of a room full of obstacles before the time runs out.

Barbeque on the beach – a private way to celebrate the occasion while taking in the romantic sunset providing the weather is good.

Cook them dinner yourself!

Salsa dancing – even if you’re not a confident dancer this could be a great opportunity to enjoy a fun activity and allows the two of you to get really close to one another.

What not to do                                                                                         

Don’t just think of yourself

If you buy your partner a present which is more for you than for them, this shows that your love for them is only skin-deep.

Be careful of what you say and do

Don’t do…

Write happy Valentine’s Day and nothing else.

Get your partner’s name wrong.

Write a poem you think is romantic but is actually cheesy.

Tell them they look “all right.” Any response other than ‘You look great’ is a bad idea.

Language Challenge

Can you find the phrase that means the following?

Something that is not deep or lasting.

Another word that means ok.

Something that is too emotional, romantic and embarrassing.