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Welcome to 2018!
MAria Aviles / January 2, 2018

Welcome to 2018!
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Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Glad to see everybody back for 2018! In 2017 at am Language we had some of the best experiences of our lives and met amazing people!! This year we’ve refurbished , upgraded and ready to work together to keep up all the positive work that has been done!

Malta is a special place for yet another reason this year! Winter has come and while the sun is doing its job and keeping us happy, our capital Valletta will be the European Culture Capital in 2018! This event begins on January the 14th and will be welcoming to Malta a host of international artists, painters, musicians, film makers, writers and so much more. In fact you should check out their site right here! Valletta 2018. The themes of the event are Island Stories, Future Baroque and Voyages!

Hope everyone has a very special 2018! Good Luck, good health and hope to see you from everyone in the am Team