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Victory Day!!  – 8th of September
Chris Knights / September 5, 2017

Victory Day!!  – 8th of September
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It is no secret that our island loves a good party. The 8th of September happens to be a special day for the Maltese as we celebrate not one but three separate victories.


The first is one of our proudest moments. 1565 brought with it the Ottaman Empire, the most powerful empire at the time, and a summer of suffering under siege. With the crusader Knight’s experience and more than a bit of luck the Maltese and our rulers lived on and our tiny nation went on to become a trading and cultural centre.

Almost 250 years later, in 1800, the Maltese were now under French rule but a lack of consideration for the locals and the Church led to a Maltese rebellion aided by none other than Alexander Ball and Lord Nelson of the British Navy.

With the British in command of the Island this brings us to 1943 and the end of the Siege of Malta in World War 2. This brings us to today. With the help of the Knights and then the British, the Maltese protected their home and their right to live in peace!

Today we celebrate this day with the traditional Regatta in the Grand Harbour while parades hit the streets in Valletta and Rabat, Gozo! So make sure to get yourself down to the festivities and check out VisitMalta for more event info.  Have a blast but take a moment wherever you are to appreciate the significance of these events! Would we speak, teach and learn English had things gone a different way?