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Victory Day 2019
MAria Aviles / August 29, 2019

Victory Day 2019
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4 things you need to know about Victory Day

  1. 8th September 1565

The 8th of September 1565 marks the day that the Great Siege of Malta ended. The Siege of Malta lasted 3 full months, which left the island in ruins.

  1. What was the Siege of Malta about?

In the summer of 1565, the Ottoman Empire attacked Malta, which was the first part of their plan to invade Sicily, Italy and the rest of Europe. Malta was geographically important for the Ottomans to capture, as it would be an important location to help them attack Sicily.

  1. Why is it celebrated?

It is celebrated because of the significance of the siege. If Malta lost to the Ottomans, then the religious identity of the country would have most probably changed, and the history of Southern Europe could have been quite different.

  1. How is the day celebrated?

The Maltese armed forces put on a parade, and you can also see people re-enacting battle scenarios from the Siege of Malta. You should expect Valletta to be busy with lots of people taking part in the celebrations.


Can you link the words in bold to their meanings?


Armed forces entre a region to establish control.

A place that has been destroyed.

Something that highlights an important event.

When people put on costumes and act out an event from history.

To take control of a person or region.