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The secrets of Malta
MAria Aviles / April 5, 2017

The secrets of Malta
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The secrets of Malta

 With a history that goes back a thousand of years, Malta has a number of beautiful secrets. Some of them may not be that big of a secret anymore, but there are still a few beautiful places that not that many people know about.


Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum

In a small town called Paola, underneath a house you will find a hypogeum. Hypogeum is a Greek word for ‘underneath the earth’. The Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum used to be a cemetery and is probably used as a temple as well. The whole complex is about 500 square meter and goes about 10 meters under the street.

Someone discovered the hypogeum in 1902 by accident, while he was digging a water well.

pic 1


There are many votive-offerings to the dead people found.  The most famous object that has been found is the statue of the ‘sleeping lady of Malta’. Which is now kept in the national archeologic museum in Valletta.

Cathedral of Mosta

In the city of Mosta there is a beautiful dome-shaped cathedral that is really worth a visit. The story behind this holy cathedral is special. During the war, half of the city was praying, when a German airplane bomb felt trough the dome.
This is the moment where everyone thought the dome would explode, but it didn’t. Every believer knew for sure: this is a sign of God. The sign that the allies would win the war.

The bomb, without his ignition mechanism, is now a holy object and is shown in the cathedral.

pic 2

Dragonara Cave

In the North of Malta you can find the Dragonara Cave. Not even all of the Maltese citizens do know about this cave which makes it very special.

The only way to enter this cave is to jump of the cliff (about 6 meters) or by kayak. To get there, you’ll have to hike a little, but the view is amazing. The water is crystal clear and the atmosphere is something you never experienced.

blue sea