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The Feast of Santa Maria
MAria Aviles / August 14, 2017

The Feast of Santa Maria
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This week here in Malta we celebrate our biggest feast of the year! The 15th of August is widely celebrated around the world in as it is the feast of the Assumption of Mary to heaven in the Christian religion. Malta has a very strong Catholic history and tradition which is evident due to the 359 churches found around the islands.

This feast has a more recent special importance. Seventy five years ago on the 15th of August 1942, during World War 2, the Maltese Islands were saved by the ‘Convoy of Santa Marija’. At this time the Mediterranean theatre of war was heating up and the Islands were suffering heavy bombing and were facing death by starvation. Supplies were low and the Axis were winning but Operation Pedestal which included the SS Ohio (pictured below) survived and made their way to Malta and safety.


This event, even today, is regarded as the turning point of the War and ever since, the Maltese celebrate this day in remembrance of this event and regard ‘Santa Marija’ as the protector of the island. In fact, 7 villages have their traditional feast on this day including Mosta and Ghaxaq (pictured).


So if you are here in Malta join us as we flock to the beach, spend some time with family and friends and finally visit one of the village feasts for an extravaganza of good food, music, drinks and best of all the fireworks.