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Zara, Italy, May 2016
MAria Aviles / June 8, 2016

Zara, Italy, May 2016
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My name is Zara, I am 20 years old and I come from Sardınıa (İtaly).Last November I decıded to improve my English and I chose Malta. In the early days here in Malta I was attending an English-course in another school in Sliema but for several reasons I decıded to change school.
Thanks to my agent Francesco Pagano I booked my Englısh-course ın AM Language school. He convinced me because he really spoke very highly of the school and he told me that he was studyıng there as well.
When I started in December I realızed that everythıng was great from the fırst day, all the staff were really nice and always ready to help us.
I had the opportunity to improve my grammar but especially my spoken English. I want to thank my best teachers: fırstly, Tessa Bonnici who helped me a lot, she spurned me on to study and she always belıeved ın me. The second is Michelle Petroni. I really enjoyed her lessons; I liked her and her way of teaching, the passıon that she puts in her job.
I want to thank my agent, all leaders, and all the people I met here.
My Experıence at Am Language was one of the greatest satısfactıons of my lıfe.I would really recommend this school to everybody.