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Yulia, Russia, January 2016
MAria Aviles / February 16, 2016

Yulia, Russia, January 2016
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My name is Yulia, I came to Malta from Russia 2.5 months ago. It’s my second time in this magic place. Malta gives the possibility not just to learn English for a short spell of time but also find close friends or even change one’s life. I started my study in am Language Studio at intermediate level last year. I remember my first lesson in Tessa’s class. I was excited and scared, at the beginning everything seemed to me very difficult but already after a couple of days I felt like at home. Now I’m in upper-intermediate level, and my teacher Michelle never let us relax, thanks to her I’ve known a lot of idioms. I feel more confident. I like to feel my brain working after the lessons. Malta already has changed a lot of lives. Someone found a partner and got married, someone left home for good and so on. I don’t know anyone who regret about his/her time in our school and Malta