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Yuju Kang, South Korea, August 2023
MAria Aviles / September 5, 2023

Yuju Kang, South Korea, August 2023
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Hello. I’m Yuju kang from South Korea. I had an opportunity to study in malta for a month.

The reason why I chose to study at AM Language School were its favorable location and the variety of school activities.

I took upper-intermediate classes and finished at the same level. My teachers was Sandro. His classes were always engaging. He taught us a variety of vocabulary and grammar at an upper-intermediate level to enhance our English skills. This truly motivated me.

While I was studying in Malta, I found that speaking and listening were the most challenging for me. This was because not only did I have a lack of experience with foreigners, but I also struggled with understanding various accents.

Learning about another country’s authentic culture was truly fascinating. The most joyful moment for me was celebrating my birthday with friends I met here. I can never forget that experience.

Frankly speaking, I believe that studying abroad may not always be the most effective way to improve your English, but it certainly helps build your confidence in speaking with others.