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York Yu, China, August 2021
MAria Aviles / August 26, 2021

York Yu, China, August 2021
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Hi, I’m York Yu from China. Due to the breaking out of Covid-19 my English studies were interrupted 2 years ago. However, after I went back to my country, I realized that the teaching quality of local schools couldn’t compare with AM Language . Other than the factor of language environment, the qualities and abilities of teachers are also vital for you to study English.

From pre- intermediate to upper- intermediate, I’ve been studying English for about 6 months, and I’ve known so many capable teachers during this time. All of them are very excellent teachers. But their teaching styles are totally different at the same time.

My English skills have been greatly improved by the cultivation of these excellent teachers. It really was a process though. It cost me 3 months to pass the test of pre- intermediate and intermediate. But when I tried to pass the test of upper- intermediate, I found that listening has become the biggest obstacle. The fast speaking made me unable to judge the correct answer in time. Because of this, I prefer to practise shadowing (reading after listening) and dictation when I have free time. I hope this kind of method can help me to improve my listening skill. Believe me, you will be excited and proud when you find that you’re improving. Hard work pays off!

In addition, I want to give advice to people who are going to study English. Don’t be stressed for studying English. Sometimes you need to find a proper balance between studying and leisure. I think the best way for you to cope with stress is opening a party. Because you can relieve your stress by dancing and you can meet more friends simultaneously. You’ll get to know a lot of people at AM, because they offer a wide variety of leisure activities to take part in.

At last, enjoy your English studying.