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Yoonsu Park, South Korea, February 2021
MAria Aviles / February 8, 2021

Yoonsu Park, South Korea, February 2021
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Hi! My name is Yoonsu Park and I am from South Korea. I’ve been studying English for 6 months at Am Language school. I got a recommendation from my agency after that I decided to join It.
Every day I’m enjoying the lessons because there are good teachers and foreign students from different countries. I hang out with my friends in school activities. Now I am in Pre-intermediate but i hope to move to the Intermediate level soon. My teacher is Mandy, I really like her teaching style because she has a particular style which is friendly and always keeps focused on my development in this lovely language. In my personal opinion, she is one of the best teachers in the school, if you come here, you will see.
The most challenging for me is speaking and writing; at the beginning I was a bit shy, but now I’m not afraid to speak anymore! Even if i make mistakes in class or outside, never mind because every day I am trying my best also with my homework and assessment test.
The most memorable experience is making friends of different cultures, that is treasure for me! I’d like to advise who wants to learn English: Don’t be afraid, Just do it! If you make some mistakes, don’t worry and don’t blame yourself. English isn’t your language, It’s normal! If you enjoy studying English, you can develop yourself and you can have an incredible experience.