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YoonJi, Korea, June 2016
MAria Aviles / July 8, 2016

YoonJi, Korea, June 2016
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Hi I’m YoonJi and I’m from Korea. I came to Malta for holiday. at am school, I made a lot of friends. I stayed in the accommodation of the school and luckily my flatmates are wonderful. With Vanessa, Caterina, Valentina, Florian we talked everyday and really enjoyed those moments. And my first leaders Beri and Annarita helped me in many ways with a smiling face. I enjoyed activities they provided, thank you to all leaders. Also every Korean I met in Malta were so nice and I believe I can see them again. This is my first time visiting Europe and I was very impressed that there are so many nice people ! I’m happy because I had a very good relationship with people in Malta. Also my first teacher Danielle was wonderful. She tried to give the same opportunities to every student and it was never boring with her. In her class I improved my English a lot, even it was only for 2 months. Also thanks to Lisa and Carolline for the helpful lessons. Now my life in Malta changed me a lot. I learned many things from my friends. I’m sure I will miss every moment in Malta. Thank you for this precious experience. I’ll remember my lovely friends, and the sea in Malta, am school forever !