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Yago, Spain, March 2021
MAria Aviles / April 14, 2021

Yago, Spain, March 2021
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Hey! My name is Yago and I am from Madrid, Spain.

I have been studying at the AM Language for almost three months now! I chose the AM Language because the quality of the lessons is very high, also I like the building from the school and by the way the internet reviews were really good too.

Initially, I am studying in intermediate classes. I will try to improve my English skills more and more, so I can get in a higher class.

My current teacher is Lucy. She is the best, I enjoy each lesson with her.

In classes grammar tasks are really difficult for me, I hope to getting better in it with the help of some grammar tasks, which we receive from our Teacher. Our lessons are made very differently, every day we have another schedule. We have the opportunity to work in pairs or teams so we can also develop our speaking skills. My class is lovely, I enjoy working with my classmates and they make me feel comfortable during the lessons and we also help each other when there are some questions.

My most memorable experience was the activity “Gozo” from the AM Language. If you like to travel and also enjoy the nature like me, there are many places to visit here. I was able to spend time with students from different countries and hear their life story how they came to the AM School. Through those activities of the AM Language School, I was able to make new friends and become social active.

The most important thing is to talk to other people and make friends. In my opinion that’s the best way to improve your English skills.

I strongly recommend choosing AM Language for your stay in Malta! The best teachers are already waiting for you can expect a heartwarming welcome from the school staff!