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Vittorio, Switzerland, February 2024
MAria Aviles / February 13, 2024

Vittorio, Switzerland, February 2024
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I´m Vittorio Valle and I´m from Basel, Swiss.

My parents are from Italy, so my main languages are German and also Italian.

I started to study at am-language school in the beginning of january this year and i will probably stay here until july.

A friend of mine told me about the school and was really pleased with her experience, so I also decided to go to am-language school and improve my english.

I started in upper intermediate with Mandy, whose a really great teacher. The way she manages the lessons is quite good and she has a good humor as well.

For me the most challenging skill is writing and grammar. Writing is also challenging me in other languages not only in english.

Mostly I enjoy our humor in class. Humor is the most important thing for me in class and it´s easier to study with it.

I went to a few school activities, which were all nice. My favorite ones were the gozo tour and south of Malta tour. Mostly I liked the stunning views and the nature.

The most memorable experiences for me were meeting friends. I have met a lot of new friends here and we have shared a lot of experiences together.

The world is opening up to you if you speak english, so the school is very important. My advice for you is to speak as much as you can and you will improve a lot with just speaking.