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Viktoria, Brazil, August 2018
MAria Aviles / August 16, 2018

Viktoria, Brazil, August 2018
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Hello everyone! I am Viktoria and I come from Brazil. I have studied English at AM Language Studio for 3 months . I chose this school because ı would like a school in sliema which don’t have a lot of brazilian students. I studied in intermediate level and I ended in upper intermediate. My teacher was Tessa. She is  very profesional and very kind. I think the most challenging skill was grammer. The most important point is grammer for me because ı wanted to talk clearly that’s why ı needed to improved my grammer in English. I enjoyed the speaking part beacuse I learned a lot of vocabulary in this part. I had a good relationship with my classmates, I felt really good, also I learned a lot from them. I studied about an hour per day. I went to a lot of activities but make a friends with business coach was very nice for me. I met a lot of people there. Try to pay attention in your class and don’t give up to speak to other people who is not from your country.