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Valeria, Italy, December 2015
Chris Knights / January 29, 2016

Valeria, Italy, December 2015
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Hello! I’m Valeria from Italy! I have been studying at AM Language School for two months. When I decided to study English abroad, I chose Malta cause I had never visited it before. After two months, my time in Malta is coming to an end. I remember the first week, as if it was yesterday. The time has passed quickly and happily. I have met beautiful people, who are always going to be part of my life.
Thanks to Seema, my teacher in Pre-intermediate course ! I am grateful to her for her patience and friendship ; she always encouraged me to do my utmost . After being in the class, I understood grammar, learnt new vocabulary, enjoyed participating in speaking topics and I progressed to intermediate level !
Thanks to Tessa, my teacher in intermediate course because I am getting better everyday and also thanks to the other teachers of AM , who I met in my private lessons! They were all competent and good to me.
I’ll remember the terrace of the school with a cafe bar for having breakfast and lunch together. During the break I spoke with the other students about our plans. Thanks to Oliver who from the first time has welcomed me with a smile !
Studying English for me at AM School has been a challenge but also a pleasant one. During my stay in Malta I’ve also visited a lot of interesting places, had different activities with the school and with my friends. Thanks to all the staff of AM Leisure, because they are amazing people! They work very hard to organize every week , every day so many different activities for the students… thanks to them, my period in Malta wasn’t only to study but also to tour and discover this beautiful Island, their cities and landscapes. All these activities have been very useful to socialize and practise English.
Finally, but in order of importance, I will never forget my school friends and fellow travellers. I met people from every part of the world. This experience in AM Language left me new knowledge about different cultures and ways to think. I have tasted new food, I learnt how the people live in different parts of the world, their religion, we have spoken about our different experiences of life, politic opinions, love, music and everything, like old friends. Students from different parts of the world come to AM and I have been in this world too, from America to Asia through Europe!!I will remember each one of them, for their friendship, for the time we have spent together, for their smiles, for every single day and night passed together. Everyone of them left me something! I hope to see you again, in AM or any part of the world! The whole experience has been fabulous! I suggest everyone to live this International experience in AM at least once in your life!! Enjoy my friends and good luck for your lives! !kisses!