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Valentina, Italy, August 2015
Chris Knights / January 5, 2016

Valentina, Italy, August 2015
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Hallo, My name is Valentina, I’m 23 years old and I come from Italy. I chose Am Language because a friend of mine had come to this school some months ago and she told me very positive things about it. I had studied at Am Language for two months at Intermediate level, my teachers were Michelle C. , Tessa B. and Lucy. They have different method of teaching, for this reason I had the possibility to improve different skills. With Michelle I learned a lot of new words about several topics, she used to organize competitive games between us, and her lessons were never boring! With Tessa I improved my speaking skills because we often had conversation lessons and I improved my grammar skills as well. Lastly with Lucy my English speaking has become more fluent. In my opinion speaking was for sure the biggest challenge for me. In my class there were many students from different countries, we used to speak about our cultures and it was very interesting for me. With some of my classmates I also organised international dinners, parties and tours around Malta, I really enjoyed with them! There isn’t only “one memorable experience in Malta”, I can’t forget every Welcome Party, the International food festival in Mdina, the Street art festival in Sliema, the South’s Malta tour and the private boat trip around the beautiful Blue Lagoon in Comino. Every single moment in Malta is still printed in my mind! Finally I think that this English course was really useful for myself and for this reason I want to recommend am Language Studio to my friends, but I want also give another advise that a teacher of mine gave me before I left Malta: “Use it or lose it”, so don’t give up talking with friends in English, watching English movies or reading English books! Thank you Malta and thank you AM language, it was an amazing experience!