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Ünal, Turkey, January 2016
MAria Aviles / February 16, 2016

Ünal, Turkey, January 2016
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Hello, ciao, hola guys, I´m Ünal from Turkey. I have been in Malta for six months. I can say that this time belongs to the best experiencia of my life. When I came here, I was worried because I didn’t know if Malta would be good, or could I really improve English? But I´m telling you now, you should defintely choose Malta for learning English.

When I came here I started at Elementary level. Our class was spectacular. I learned a lot of English in this class. After I passed the exam and went to Wayne’s class. Wayne was the best and funniest teacher I’ve ever seen, thank you Wayne for everything. Now I continue to learn so much in the Intermediate class with Daniel.

I’ve learned outside the class too. Really there were so many leisure activities, students with differents cultures. Especially, Am Language famous “Welcome Party” on Mondays. If I hadn´t chosen Am Language, I wouldn´t have seen this party I will never forget it, and I want to advice you, if you come here, you should visit Mdina and eat chocolate cake (It may be the best in the world), and meet with friens at the beach, songs from every language, conversations, lovely memories, sometimes discussions, each was a great experience for me.

I want to say thank you to Am Language Studio, thank you for the time I spent here and for the given opportunity to get a great life and friends. If I tell one by one the names I couldn’t drink coffee until the morning. I will miss you all immensely. Due to the above reasons, I will surely come back one day.

Thanks a lot guys, I´m so pleased