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Typhanie, France, June 2015
Chris Knights / January 4, 2016

Typhanie, France, June 2015
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Hi, I’m Typhaine and I come from France. I came to the school AM Language for an internship during two-month. Finally, the school give me the opportunity to take lessons for 3 weeks with my internship. My level was Pre-intermediate and my professor was Marlon during 3 weeks. With Marlon, I learned a lot of grammar, I really needed this. What I liked most about my lessons is the way it is taught. In my school English lessons are different. Here in Am Language I found it more interesting, I liked talking with other classmates. I want to say thank you to Vicky for teaching me enormously in my internship, I learned a lot more I could have thought so. I loved working for her. It was a wonderful experience. When I came here I wasn’t able to speak English very well but finally I had long conversations and understood everything she was saying. It’s a really great school! I met many people, I enjoy many activities. I really recommend everyone to live this amazing experience. I am sad to leave the school and people I’ve met here. So Enjoy you trip in Malta in this school.

June 2015