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Tuba Dilsiz, Turkey, October 2023
MAria Aviles / October 16, 2023

Tuba Dilsiz, Turkey, October 2023
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I’m Tuba Dilsiz and I’m from Turkey. Ankara

I have been studying language at AM language school for about four months.

The reason why I chose this school was because my friends from Turkey also took language education at this school and recommended it to me.

I started from pre intermediate level and now I am intermediate. However, I could not focus on my school due to the intensity of working in a different job here. That’s why I chose to be pre intermediate until I compensate for my shortcomings.

When I started here, my first teacher was Maria. She was a very good teacher, she  explained the subjects very well. Later, Caroline became my teacher. She was definitely one of my best teachers.

Speaking was the part where I had the most difficulty because I could not practice at all in my own country. Thanks to Maria and Caroline, I have improved myself a lot in this direction.

It was great fun to do speaking activities in groups and sometimes accompanied by games.

I love all the activities organized in my school. If I were to choose one, it would be the activities we organize such as make a friends

I can say that my most unforgettable memory in Malta is all the activities I did with my friends at school and outside of school. Because each of them leaves me with different memories.

The biggest step that will definitely help you improve your English is to be together so that you can practice. Constantly making foreign friends will take you three steps forward in publishing your English together.