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Tristan, Germany, November 2021
MAria Aviles / December 1, 2021

Tristan, Germany, November 2021
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Hello everyone!  My name is Tristan. And I am 25 years old. I live in Germany.

I stayed in Malta for two weeks to take my educational leave. I currently work as an area sales manager for a brewery. I decided to come to Malta for two weeks to improve my English skills. To reach this goal I attended the English intensive class.

In this class I learned a lot about the right use of grammar. I did the level test at home in Germany and I was supposed to attend the upper-intermediate class. After one day the teacher and I decided that I am able to move to the advanced class. So the procedure of changing the class was very easy and I had an even bigger challenge to face then.

During the classes the incredible teachers put a lot of attention on conversation. Therefore they motivated every single student to speak.

Furthermore we did interesting and challenging exercises during the classes, which helped me to improve my written and spoken English skills.

If you have any questions during the stay, the staff from the school will help you immediately.

After the English classes the AM language school offers a huge variety of free time activities, which are changing every single week. During my two weeks in Malta I joined several parties, where i got to know more kind students of the AM language school.

I also made a lot of international friends from all over the world. This was such a great experience. I will surely come back to the AM language school in Malta next year. So when you want to improve your English skills and