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Tifenn, France, November 2016
MAria Aviles / December 7, 2016

Tifenn, France, November 2016
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My name is Tifenn and I’m from France.
It was my second time in Malta and as my first time it was an amazing experience. I stay here just 3 weeks, it was too short!
I chose to come back in am language because my first experience was great and this time it was also awesome!
I had a lovely teacher, Lisa. She’s from Malta but she speaks and teach very well English. My first week my class was crazy! Batufolino, Ilenia, Enes, Luigui, Vinchenzo, Sasha . The lessons were very fun. My second week I changed my class and my class was more serious, but it was a good thing for me, I had improve my English a lot with this class. And so my last week I kept the same class.
About my apartment, I was in the block 4 flat 5. My roommates where so kind! And my flatmates too.
I met lot of people from different country here. Students and leaders are all very friendly.
I will miss a lot my best friend from Malta, my brother Serhat ❤️ I will miss my Italian friends Jacopo, Gabriele & Samuel. I will miss a lot my friend from the flat 8 (The French team & Sacha and Emiliano)
I will miss all people that I’ve met here and I won’t forget them.
I already book to come back here in January.
Thank you for everything!
See you in January!!