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Tamara, Spain, April 2016
MAria Aviles / May 5, 2016

Tamara, Spain, April 2016
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When my husband and I were thinking about how we could learn English, we realized that Malta was definitely the best option, there are two main reason, the weather and the price.
Thereafter the reality was even better than the expectation, the experience was really good, we stayed in an apartment with young and interesting people from other countries. Not only you learn English in the school, but also and especially speaking outside. We usually spent long time speaking about the differences between our cultures, I sometimes think that the best of Malta is the real immersion, forgetting your language and integrating with the lovely environment of people who want to learn English as well. Besides that, the school was deeply enriching, every day you learn new words and typical expressions you can’t learn by yourself, in class you talk with other students and the teacher check your speaking, it’s the quickest way to improve. The only bad thing is we are going to miss too much this life, this weather and especially these people, I think that it’s really worth it.