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Tailson, Brazil, May 2016
MAria Aviles / June 8, 2016

Tailson, Brazil, May 2016
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Hello! My name is Tailson and I´m Brazilian. I have been to Malta for 6 months. When I arrived to Malta last November I couldn´t speak any word, it was impossible to understand someone that didn´t speak my language. However, now I´m so proud because I’m able to speak with everybody and I can follow conversations. I feel so comfortable in my lessons,with my roomates and my lovely teacher. Malta is the perfect place for me because I can meet other people from another nationalities, I met people from Brazil too and even from the same city than me. I can remember a lot of good moments, we made too many parties. Absolutely we will never forget these perfects moments and we will meet later again.
I decided to come because I wanted to learn English, at the same time I wanted to travel around Europe. I´ve visited beautiful places in Malta, for example: Blue Grotto, Valleta, Marsaxxlok, Blue Lagoon and Gozo… My favourite hobby is travelling so I did an amazing Eurotrip with my friends, I´ve been to Spain, France, England, Italy, Germany and Hungary. I fell in love with the architecture of these cities. Also, I would save money to make another trip, I would like to travel around the world for 1 year. I believe that is the best way to grow up as a person.
Thank you so much and see you later.