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Sylvain, France, May 2016
MAria Aviles / June 8, 2016

Sylvain, France, May 2016
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My name is Sylvain, I come from France. I am in Malta for 3 Months. I arrived In Malta the 9th of April, during my first week in this country, I studied at am school and then I started my internship. I will leave Malta the 30th of June. I decided to make my internship abroad to improve my language skills in English. I chose Malta also to discover a new beautiful country and meet new people. For my future job I need to speak well in English because I want to become a mechanical engineer and I want to make an international project. During the week that I studied at am school, I met Lisa, my English teacher. She´s very friendly and she takes care of her students, it’s was a pleasure to work with her! In my opinion, am school is the perfect place to learn English because we are with lot of others nationalities and we speak always in English, even during the break, and for me it’s the best way to learn English. I live in the school accommodation, in a share apartment with 6 other flatmates , because of that I improve my English little by little every day. am school build a way to learn English efficient and pleasant. For all this reasons, I thank a lot all everybody who work at am school for their kindness and availability.