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Şükriye, Turkey, November 2016
MAria Aviles / December 7, 2016

Şükriye, Turkey, November 2016
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My name is Şükriye. I’m from Turkey. I came in Malta for 3 months. I chose am Language studio because watching videos about Am language studio on Internet and I really like this school. So this is the right decision for me.
I started elementary level and my last level is pre intermediate.
But this is just the level. I met a lot of people that came different countries. This is a beautiful experience for me.
My first teacher was Christine, I really like her and I miss her, she is very kind, thoughtful, polite and she teaches really good.
I love Malta, I went back to Turkey just for 2 weeks and I came in Malta again. Now I’m working here and I’ll live here for a long time.
And again I will come to am Language Studio to continue and keep my English lessons