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Stefania Romano, Italy, June 2015
Chris Knights / January 4, 2016

Stefania Romano, Italy, June 2015
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My name is Stefania Romano and I’m from Italy. I’ve studied at AM Language Studio for 7 weeks and I am going to stay other 5 weeks. I chose AM because is a school with high quality classes and the price is cheaper than others schools in Malta. At the beginning, I started at the Intermediate level and I’m still in this level but I progressed my speaking abilities a lot. My teacher was Michelle C. She is very lovely and kind. She has a very good methodology , her lessons are so interesting and dynamic because during her lessons we did different games and discuss about several topics, in this way I’m learning many new words. The most challenging for me was to communicate and listen because in Italy, usually, we only study grammar, but now thanks to the lessons, i’m improving my communication and my ability to understand others when they speak. I enjoyed a lot my lessons when Michelle divides us for teams and invites us to challenge us in different games, I like this method because the lessons are never boring. In recent weeks, I have met many classmates and with each of them enjoyed ourselves, in class we talk and joke among us a lot and once after school with some of them we meet somewhere to keep talking. I am really happy to have met all of them because I learned about different cultures and different ways of thinking. I usually study at home! Alone or sometimes I join my friends and together we go to study at the beach. My most memorable experience in Malta until now was the Mdina International Food Festival with my friends because we had a chance to enjoy a nice evening together tasting many dishes of different cultures. My advice for those who want to lean English is to go in AM Language School because everyone wants to lean English in an easy and enjoyable way!