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Sofia, Italy, September 2021
MAria Aviles / September 24, 2021

Sofia, Italy, September 2021
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My  name is Sofia and I am from Ancona, Italy. I was at AM Language for a month in July2021. Actually, after a week we moved to online lessons. The class I attended were smaller in numbers: therefore, it allowed me to have direct contact with students and my teacher Seema which had a tranquil and a productive atmosphere. On top of that Seema was willing and caring towards her students not only during lessons but also when we had any doubts, she would respond to us whenever we needed. Furthermore, she followed us up individually enabling us to arrive as being prepared as much as possible for the upcoming exam.

The teacher usually started with explanations and homework corrections. The explanations were clear and accurate. Then, we practiced what we had learnt and reused it in our four skills. The teacher gave us advice on how to improve our listening, reading, ,writing and speaking skills where we were able to learn from our mistakes.  We were also given homework to practice for the exam and assimilate concepts which the teacher taught us during the lessons.

Overall, the IELTS course was well organised, the lessons were remarkably motivating and at the same time challenging. Basically, the relationship between the students and the teacher was informal and serene, as well as the whole environment was inspiring.

In my eyes, it widened my knowledge and prepared my for the exam. To be honest, It helped me score my best at the exam. I scored 8.5 in my reading skills and got an overall band of 7. For all the above reasons I would strongly recommend the IELTS courses whoever wishes and wants to experience an excellent preparation. A memorable time which I can never forget in Malta.