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Simone’s IELTS Testimonial
MAria Aviles / June 19, 2019

Simone’s IELTS Testimonial
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I arrived here in Malta in January to stay only two months and I would never have expected that I would have stayed five! I decided to spend more time here because I was really improving my English and, at the same time, I was having a lot of fun! So, now that I’m leaving, I want to thank both the great teachers I had here, who gave me plenty of advice, and the staff members, who are always very supportive, especially of helping you to feel at home and make a lot of friends (by the way, thanks to all the amazing people from all over the world I met here!). I would also like to spend some words about my IELTS experience. Two months ago I decided to test my improvements taking the IELTS exam and so I started to attend the IELTS Course. Since this exam has very specific tasks, at the beginning I found very difficult to understand how to deal with them and I wasn’t sure I would have reached the score of 6.5 I needed. But, thanks to the expert (and patient!) IELTS teacher I had, I could score a 7! Plus, I even managed to score a 9 in the reading. I’m so happy!