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Simone, Italy, September 2015
Chris Knights / January 8, 2016

Simone, Italy, September 2015
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Hi Guys! I’m Simone and I am from Italy. I spent 2 weeks in Malta at am Language School. I came here alone and at first I was very scared not to find friendly people but from the first moment I arrived, they have been two weeks full of very beautiful surprises: just arrived, my flatmates invited me to the beach and then they cooked for me in the apartment, making me feel at home . I am very thankful to them because my holiday started in the best way! In the school I attended the morning Upper-Intermediate class with Michelle P. My classmates were fantastic! People from Germany, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Japan, etc. almost all the world in the same class! The teacher, Michelle, is the best teacher I’ve ever had, she is very fun, very open-minded, she taught us lots of interesting idioms and useful words of English language and because of her way of being we paid attention all the time to what she said! Before going to Malta I was scared about my English: “what if I don’t understand people?”, “what if the class is too difficult for me” “what if, what if, what if..”, but I discovered they were just my thoughts and the reality was much better! Because I went alone from Italy, I spoke English all the time, no Italian friends with me, and I discovered how beautiful is knowing a language to communicate with people from all over the world, it makes you feel as a citizen of the world, no borders, no political arguments, no language problems, just “we could be so close, like brothers”. It’s a fantastic feeling, you feel open-minded, you feel like you have the entire world at your feet! The Welcome Party is the best idea ever, it’s the perfect way to make new students break the ice each other, and, indeed, at the Welcome Party I met who has been my “holiday-mate” for these two weeks, I’ll never forget her! The activities of the school are fantastic! Lots of things to do, lots of places to visit, lots of parties and festivals to go, and I took part to as many as I could. And what about Malta? Malta is the place of your dreams: fantastic weather, fantastic sea, good people, lots of things to do, parties almost every day, a paradise like Comino, there is really everything for everyone! I really want to thank everybody who made my holiday a fantastic holiday: friends, flatmates, classmates, teacher and leaders! Thank you very much! They were two of the best weeks of my whole life! Hope to see you as soon as possible!