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Simao, Brazil, October 2015
Chris Knights / January 8, 2016

Simao, Brazil, October 2015
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Hi my name is Simao! I went to Malta in order to improve both ,my English schools and my CV doing an internship. I booked 1 month there, but now I can feel myself homesick about Malta, there I did a lot of friends at the same time that I was improving my English skills. The school was really good, my teacher Monica Pace was spectacular, she always gave me homework in order to clear my doubts, I’m really grateful to her.

The best thing that I experienced in Malta were the activities, the Leisure Department of am School can give you the best opportunities to enjoy the best things that the island can offers you. Here I have to thank specially Jelle , he is the best crazy leader in the activities.

Thank you Malta, thank you am School and thanks to every person I had the pleasure to share my adventure with.