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Shoko, Japan, March 2017
MAria Aviles / March 13, 2017

Shoko, Japan, March 2017
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My name is Shoko, I’m from Japan. I have studied in am Language School for 1 year. I chose this school because there are less Japanese students than the other language school, it’s a small school and course fee is cheap.
When I came in the school I was in elementary level. My teacher was Christine. She taught me basic grammar!! It’s important to make a sentence!! At that time I could understand what people said but I couldn’t makes sentences to tell something… So it was a good lesson for me. Thank you so much! And I finished my level in intermediate!!The most difficult thing was speaking. In Japan we usually study grammar but not speaking. That’s why I didn’t know how to speak and real pronunciation. When I spoke no one could understand me. So I focused on speaking. I tried not to speak Japanese as much as possible for one year. During the lesson I enjoyed speaking also. Especially in front of students!!Actually I don’t like speaking in front of many people and in English but I could feel that I can speak English and they understand it. I was happy and enjoyed it
My classmates were from many different countries. We spoke about culture, religion, politics and history etc… I learnt a lot of things from them!!
I have a lot of good memories in Malta I can’t choose one all of memories are my property!!
I will advise to who wants to learn English , don’t be afraid of making a mistake and try not to speak your own language! Stay with people from other countries! And then your English will improve and you will have courage to speak English!!!!!