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Shogo Harada, Japan, March 2024
MAria Aviles / March 21, 2024

Shogo Harada, Japan, March 2024
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Hello, I’m Shogo Harada from Japan, and I want to share my incredible experience during the five months I spent at AM Language School. I chose this school because I heard they have a lot of fun activities to make learning English enjoyable.

I initially started in the intermediate class, but I struggled to speak English fluently. So, I decided to switch to the beginner level to build a strong foundation before going back to intermediate. My teachers, Ivan, Branko, Ryan, and Philip, were great! They really focused on helping us speak better, which made learning more interesting.

Speaking with multiple people was a bit challenging for me, but facing this challenge helped me improve my conversation skills. The best part of my lessons was chatting with my classmates. It created a friendly environment and made learning English feel like a fun group activity.

I loved the activities organized by the school, especially the Sliema walk and football match. They were not only good for practicing English but also a great way to bond with other students in a relaxed setting.

Looking back, the most memorable part of my time in Malta was the days spent with my flatmates. We shared experiences, and it gave me a deeper understanding of different cultures.

For those wanting to learn English, my advice is simple: make international friends and talk to them as much as possible. It’s a practical way to learn and makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.