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Serhat, Turkey, November 2015
Chris Knights / January 26, 2016

Serhat, Turkey, November 2015
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Hi everybody, I am Serhat from Turkey
I have been in Malta for 5 months and it was my first experience living abroad. Malta is a good place to learn English. I saw a lot of photos on am language page then I chose this school. I started in elementary level, I enjoyed the class very much, I had good conversations with my friends and teachers. When I arrived in Malta I didn’t speak English very well then I met a lot of students and I joined some school activities. Then I started to work in am as an airport representative and my English improved because I gained experience from my work. I want to say thanks to Albert, you are a good person and a good director. Also thank you so much to my teachers: Wayne, Kyle, Seema and Monica. If you come to Malta and to am Language Studio you can meet a lot of students and you can spend time with them, you can join school activities. You should come to Malta and see a lot of good places and views. I am sure it will not be a mistake, you can live unforgettable moments in Malta and in am Language Studio, you will also see some English culture in the streets. I had such a great time in Malta.
Thank you for everything Malta and am Language Studio