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Serena, Italy, December 2015
Chris Knights / January 29, 2016

Serena, Italy, December 2015
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Hi, my name is Serena and I am from Italy. I remember the day last of May I was working when I decided to stop and have a new experience. During summer when I was on the beach I decided to come to Malta. The next day I bought my flight ticket and the 20th of September I left my country and I arrived here. Malta is a small island but you can find everything. I visited amazing beaches and a lot of historical cities. It was a pleasure for me to study in am Language Studio. I had great teachers and I got lot of new international friends. With these new friends I experienced moments I will never forget, especially with my dear flatmates.
Every week there were organized school activities and I have never missed the Welcome party or Friday Night in Paceville. Besides all the parties and fun I also really improved my English in a short time. I started in Elementary with Gina and Seema. Then I moved to Pre-Intermediate with Seema and I had my private lessons with Tessa B.
This is something I am really proud of and I would recommend it to everybody!
I would like to thank everybody who was part of my Malta experience.
It was amazing !
I will never forget all the moments we made together. A part of me will always stay here!