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Selin, Turkey, May 2022
MAria Aviles / June 3, 2022

Selin, Turkey, May 2022
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Hello everybody,

My name is Selin Demiral, I’m 22 years old  and I come from Turkey. I have been in Malta for two months and when I started my level was pre-intermediate but now I’m intermediate and I’m very happy! I came to Malta because I’m a lawyer and for my job it is a necessary to know English.

I love my classmates and I have a lot of friends, it is very cool because they are from different countries and so I can speak English all the time and know new cultures. My first teacher was Phillip a nice and enthusiastic person, I love his teaching style. Now my teacher is Anthe, I like her approach and the focus she devotes to grammar, I can feel every day that I am improving my English.

The most challenging skill for me is listening. I like the activities organised by the school, my favourite activity is English Cafe.