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Se-eun, South Korea, October 2016
MAria Aviles / November 8, 2016

Se-eun, South Korea, October 2016
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I’m Se-eun Park from South Korea. I already have stayed in Malta for 4 months and I have 2 months more. When I was in Korea I was working for 3 years but I needed time to decide what to do in my future, also I want to learn English. I was looking for a school to learn English so I found am Language school. In Malta there are a lot of English schools. It was important to choose a school with a variety of activities where meet some friends. That’s the reason why I chose am language school.
I started at elementary level and now I am at pre-intermediate. Now I’m trying to level up. I have general course in the morning and also private course. In general course, I have been learning grammar, speaking, listening, and vocabulary. In my private course I work more in my weakness. My general course teacher name is Lisa and my private teacher is Lesley. Lisa is a wonderful teacher, she teaches all about English. For example in the first class we play grammar activities so I can learn grammar in a easy way. At the second class we study with the book and we practice speaking a lot in couples. Also my private teacher, Lesley, she is wonderful as well. When I was in Korea I study English American style but I was interested in real British pronunciation. So she corrects my pronunciation exactly. I’m really satisfied with them.
Since I arrived in Malta, my most impressing memory is going to Saint Peter’s Pool with the school. It was really fantastic because the sea is beautiful and there are places for jumping. It was my first time jumping. Before I tried jumping I felt so scared but after I refreshed my feeling, it was so amazing.