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Sarah, Germany, September 2015
Chris Knights / January 8, 2016

Sarah, Germany, September 2015
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I’m Sarah from Berlin in Germany and I stayed on Malta for 1 month. First I chose am Language Studio because an agency suggested the school. After I searched on the Internet for a rating about schools in Malta. I read on Facebook the experience of other students from am Language Studio. Their experiences were the main point for my decision. So many happy people after their time at am Language Studio. This was for me the reason that I chose this school. My level is intermediate but I was really afraid to speak and my grammar was horrible. But now I speak the whole time with friends from different countries and it works. The lessons were sometimes very hard. For example in my first week, I didn’t understand anything. But after a few days it was not a problem anymore, except when I was tired because I had been in Paceville the night before. I enjoyed really my time here in Malta. I made lots of friends and find people who are so deep in my heart now that I don’t want to loose them anymore. It was not really just a school, for me that was more finding friends and lovely people and spend time together. English learning comes by the way and the teacher support us as much as possible. The whole time in Malta is my most memorable experience. All the leaders and all the students are so unbelievably awesome. 3 people of them are really deep in my heart: Mariangela, Caglar and Lubomira. Thank you for this unbelievable time here!