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Sarah, Germany, May 2016
MAria Aviles / June 8, 2016

Sarah, Germany, May 2016
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My name is Sarah. I am from Germany. I came to Malta for 2 weeks in May. I studied English at the am Language Studio every morning and afternoon to improve my English because I am going to study at the university and my course, Psychology will be in English. I chose Malta because I thought it was a perfect combination of studying and holidays. I metso many amazing people there. I spoke English every day at school, in my host family, with my new friends and with Maltese people.
My teachers at the am school were amazing! They were patient and it was always fun to have a lesson with them. Through the lesson I had the possibility to learn a lot about Malta and its culture and people.
To me it was the best decision to learn English at am Language Studio because I had such a wonderful time! Everybody was friendly and open to meet new people. I had amazing leaders and teachers and I was happy with my host family. In my host family I lived in a single room and the food there was very good.
In the end of my two weeks I felt so welcomed that I decided to stay longer so I moved into the apartment of a friend I met there which was so fun and it showed me again how beautiful my time there was!
I thank everyone who made my time there an unforgettable experience! I will definitely come back to Malta