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Sara, Italy, July 2015
Chris Knights / January 4, 2016

Sara, Italy, July 2015
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I am Sara and I come from Italy. I have studied at Am Language Studio for three months. I chose this school because a friend of mine advised it. At the beginning, I started at the Elementary level and I progressed my speaking abilities a lot, and now I’m in Intermediate level. My teachers in Elementary were : Gina and Seema, amazing teachers who reallywanted to help me and other students to improve our English. In pre-intermediate my teachers were: Danielle and Marloon, they had a very good methodology, their lessons are so interesting and dynamic because during their lessons we did different games. In Intermediate my teacher was Lucy, she is very lovely and kind, and has a good methodology and discuss about several topics, in this way I’ve learnt a lot of new words. For me, the most challenging was definitely speaking and listening but I really enjoyed . I’ve met some really nice people from different countries and it was very interesting and my classmates were adorable! I learned a lot with them. I think my most memorable experience in Malta was the Mdina International Food Festival with my international friends. I also really loved Gozo and Comino. My advice for you guys is: go to am Language Studio !!