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Samirah, Holland, March 2016
MAria Aviles / April 5, 2016

Samirah, Holland, March 2016
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My name is Samirah Kleijngeld and I’m from Uden (Holland). Last week I followed English lessons at am Language Studio, where I also do my internship since last Monday. The level which I started my English course was Business Intermediate. At the end of last week I received a certificate for my English course. To be honest I didn’t expect, because I found it a bit difficult. Now I know why: I couldn’t understand all the terms (words) which my teacher Peter Cassar Torreggiani used. Business Intermediate is (most) based on Marketing and I’m a student of Executive Secretary. Peter is a very great teacher who will help you as good as possible. Every day after the lessons he asked me what I really wanted to learn the next day and then he made sure that he had tasks for it to exercise so I had never to do the same (diversity is enjoyable). Sometimes we also got homework. Because of my insecurity he tried to help me as much as possible and so I had to try a lot of talk in English.
The most challenging during my study is speaking and grammar. I have also learned of my classmates, because they helped me explaining words I didn’t understand and with the grammar. I will be an intern at am Language Studio until 24 June this year, so I have to go a big adventure (experience)!
For those who will also want to learn English, my opinion is: go for it! Now it’s your change and it’s never enough/you are never too old to learn! am Language Studio is absolutely a great place to follow a English course! It is not only study, because they also organize enjoyable activities!