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Salvo, Italy, March 2017
MAria Aviles / March 8, 2017

Salvo, Italy, March 2017
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My name is Salvo, I come from Sicily. I’ve studied English at am Language Studio for two weeks because it was recommended by my friend.  I started at pre-intermediate but I think that two weeks aren’t enough time to improve my English.

My teachers were Andrew S. for two weeks, and Kyle for one week. They were very interesting and capable, with their method, to teach English. It was a pleasure to meet them. The lessons were very nice but I still need speaking the language more. The selected topics were very interesting.

My classmates are very crazy J there was a good feeling immediately. When I go back in Sicily… I hope to find time to improve my English.


All the days were memorable; everything, each minute spent here will stay with me forever.


Thanks to all the staff of the am language