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Sadri, Switzerland, March 2021
MAria Aviles / April 14, 2021

Sadri, Switzerland, March 2021
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Hey! My name is Sadri Gacaferi and I am from Switzerland.

I’ve been studying at the AM Language School for almost two months now! Our agency from Switzerland chose the AM Language School due to the good references.

At the moment, I am studying for the advanced certificate with my classmates from Switzerland.

In classes writing tasks are the most challenging for me, but with a lot of reading and writing, I can improve a lot and by now I found confidence in writing essays such as other types of writing!

At the AM Language School, there are a lot of students from around the world. I’ve already met new friends and learned much about their culture. The AM Language School organises activities everyday, so everbody has the opportunity to make new friends and improve their speaking skills! The most memorable experience was at an activity from the School, when we went to play football. I will never forget the funny moments we had together!

I strongly recommend choosing the AM Language School for your stay in Malta! The best teachers are already waiting and you can expect a heartwarming welcome from the school staff!