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Rosenilda Paixão, Brazil, September 2015
Chris Knights / January 8, 2016

Rosenilda Paixão, Brazil, September 2015
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Hello everyone!!! My name is Rosenilda Paixão , I’m from Brazil and I spent 1 month in Malta to study English (intensive course) and enjoying my holiday. When I was planning my trip I made several surveys about English schools in Malta, after sending some emails and visiting some websites, I ended up choosing am Language due to the quickly answer and adjustment to my needs, I read several testimonials praising the school and also all the extra activities are an irresistible invitation. I started the course in pre- intermediate level, after three weeks I did the exam and got the intermediate level. My first teacher was Seema, great person and super professional, I can say that we became true friends. I was also student of Wayne, funny and great teacher, with him I learned a range of new vocabularies. During the last week my teachers were Kyle and Andrew, dynamic and good professionals. The extra activities are an exceptional addition to visit wonderful places, have the opportunity to meet people from around the world and to practice English. The tour to Gozo and Comino was the best, the Blue Lagoon took my breath away, the colour of the water is amazing , a true paradise. For those who want to improve their English and enjoy the natural beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, my tip is come to Malta. I would like to say thank so much the entire staff of the AM language for making this month one of the most fun and unforgettable of my life.