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Romain, France, September 2015
Chris Knights / January 8, 2016

Romain, France, September 2015
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Hi to everyone! My name is Romain and I come from France. I’ve studied at am Language Studio for two weeks. I would like stay longer but I had only two weeks of vacation. I chose am Language for the location and when I looked for a school on internet, this language school was highly recommended. I started as an intermediate. At the beginning, it was difficult for me, but after one week, I was feeling in the right level. The first week, Tessa B was my teacher in the General Course. We worked in improving my grammar. The second week, Tessa A was my teacher in General Course. I enjoyed learning pronunciation with her. Danielle was my teacher Intensive Course for the two weeks. She was my favourite teacher. I liked to speak our minds on different subjects. At first, speaking was the most challenging for me but after it was the grammar. Speaking with other students about some topics was the time I enjoyed the most. My classmates were very friendly. It was a satisfying experience to meet people from all around the world and to discover different culture. Before coming, I hated English because I had a bad teacher in France. But now, I would like to improve my English to communicate with everybody and to have more job opportunities .Now, I’m in my last year of Engineering School and I have to pass a test of English (the TOEIC) with a score of 785. I will never forget w hen I went to Mellieha with a friend to rent a jet ski and when we went to Comino tour and drive jet ski in the caves of the cliffs. It was amazing! My first tip is to study English in a language school (like am language studio) in an English speaking country during at least one month. I’ve stayed only two weeks and it was very short. My second tip is to find a girlfriend/boyfriend from another country.