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Roberta, Italy, October 2015
Chris Knights / January 20, 2016

Roberta, Italy, October 2015
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Hello everybody!
I’m Roberta from Italy. I’ve spent in Malta a very beautiful week studying English at am Language Studio.
During October Malta, Gozo and Comino are three wonderful islands to visit. Summer is not over yet. You can swim in the sea or visit Valletta, the smallest capital in the EU, World Heritage Site by UNESCO.I was amazed to see the paintings by Caravaggio in St. Johns Co-Cathedral.
You can’t miss the visit Mdina, one of the prettiest ancient walled cities you will find anywhere.
There are many other things to see and the “School leaders” are great! A would like to thank Jelle for his kindness, social coordinator during my Valletta tour.
I met many people from all over the world, and English language allows a splendid exchange of cultures and experiences.
Please, let’s save our Earth, we don’t want to go to Mars!
See you around the world