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Roberta, Italy, June 2017
MAria Aviles / June 26, 2017

Roberta, Italy, June 2017
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My name is Roberta and I’m from Italy. I’ve studied English at am Language Studio for 8 weeks. I chose this school for several different reasons: first of all because I read a lot of positive reviews, second for the rich activities program and, last but not least, for the perfect position in the centre of the Island. I started and finished in Upper-Intermediate but I improve my fluency, I’m more confident in my speaking abilities and now I’m comfortable with this language. My teacher was Michelle, a great woman! She is so energetic, she loves what she do and her lessons were always fascinating!! Her classes were interactive. The thing that I liked most is that she was not just a teacher, she was our guide. If someone didn’t know something, before to give us the right answer, she always gave us the possibility to explain what we knew because for her was very important learn from each other. It was very challenging for me to overcome my public speaking shyness, especially in another language but now, thanks to Michelle and my classmate, I’m able to get an interview! After the class usually I came back in my apartment where I studied with my flatmate. We came all from different countries and from different levels but we met all in the living room and we studied helping each other. In my eye everything was amazing. This experience opened my mind. I met fantastic people from all over the world, I knew different cultures and habits. It isn’t just a school of English, it’s a school of life! I highly recommend am Language Studio to all those who wants to improve their English living a fantastic adventure!